About Us

How Yours Truly Florals Came To Be:

It started with a gift certificate I received for Christmas back in 2016.  I decided to splurge and buy something nice for myself and I saw an advertisement for wood flower arrangements and I was intrigued.  When the arrangement arrived I was so amazed by the product, I did what anyone would do (said sarcastically), I took the flowers apart to see how they were made.  It was fascinating to me how  someone would think to use the soft wood of a sola plant to make flowers. 

A couple months later I found out the particular company from whom I had ordered had started having a great deal of problems fulfilling their ready-made products.  After some web searches I located the original founder of that company and saw she had moved on and started a new company that was selling individual flowers and rolls of the wood product.  I immediately placed an order and dove in headfirst and fell in love!  My first arrangements were very small and simple and to this day, I remember my first sale fondly.

These flowers have been a great way to be creative and connect with the community.  Being a part of bride’s special day also brings me great joy.  As well, I have found a great support system from other Wood Flower Florists and a sense of community.  I have made many friendships over the years and it has been priceless!

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